A smarter and sustainable urban mobility is possible

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The i2CAT Foundation is a CERCA mission-driven research centre based in Barcelona specialising in 5G/6G technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, space communications and digital society technologies. Since 2003, i2CAT has been committed to designing and building the future digital society.

i2CAT will be present at a new edition of the SCEWC congress to show how Artificial Intelligence technologies and vehicular communications will enable more intelligent and sustainable urban mobility and help improve the quality of life for citizens.

The detection, high-precision positioning and tracking of vehicles with artificial vision, radio and satellite technologies; granting security in inter-vehicular communications or simulating environments with autonomous and connected vehicles are some examples of the technologies and use cases that will help the development of innovative products and solutions for companies in the field of Smart Cities and for administrations and regulators.


Proactive prevention of traffic accidents through the identification of risk situations and analysis of traffic flows based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


Artificial Intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions. Innovative anti-hacking solutions for connected and automated vehicles.

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