RINA ENCQOR Distributed Fabric (EDF)

Stronger Networks, Smarter Communities

Started at: 06-11-2019
Ends on: 28-02-2021

Budget: €140,000

Areas: RINA - Software Networks


The environment of the Self-Optimizing Fabric (SOF) envisioned by ENCQOR-CIENA is composed by multiple DataCentres (DCs) distributed in a corridor between Quebec and Ontario. Those DCs are managed by different parties, but contribute resources to a common ENCQOR resource pool that forms the basis of the SOF. The SOF must allow for the creation of dynamic compositions of a subset of resources (compute, storage, network, etc.) that will be put under the control of different stakeholders.

RINA – the Recursive InterNetwork Architecture [1], [2] – provides an ideal networking substrate that facilitates the materialization of the SOF. RINA structures all networks as a series of DIFs stacked on top of each other, allowing applications on top of them to communicate with each other by name. DIFs – Distributed IPC Facilities – themselves are also distributed applications. All DIFs feature the same 2 core protocols but can be “programmed” with different data transfer and layer management policies to adapt to different application requirements and operational environments [3].

Estimated impact

Each ENCQOR DC would feature a number of internal DIFs, supporting shared DIFs between DCs that effectively create a large, distributed DC. Different ENCQOR customers/researchers/innovators can be assigned their own DIFs, using a subset of the overall resource pool. This allows them to compose a dynamic, private connectivity environment that can be scaled up or down during the lifetime of the service. RINA supports both a greenfield deployment model – where RINA protocols run from the application down to the physical layer – or a brownfield deployment model – where RINA interoperates with other technologies.

In order to deploy RINA within the ENCQOR environment and support distributed applications on top and/or advanced RINA research activities, it is necessary to have access to a number of RINA implementations for different systems. In particular, within the ENCQOR SOF distributed DC use case, the following items are required:

  • High-performance RINA routers to act as border routers of DCs.
  • High-performance RINA routers for the internal DC fabric (leaf/spine routers).
  • RINA software implementations for Hosts within the DC (Hypervisors, VMs and containers).
  • Network Management System (NMS) to manage the configuration, performance, security and reliability of the SOF.