Open RANs for revolutionary 6G systems

The project

The Open6G coordinated project, Open RANs for Revolutionary 6G Systems, conducts applied research on open RANs currently underway with the goal of designing and developing a 6G-based open test platform for the new network and sensing applications related to smart surfaces.

Principal investigator

Dr. Xavier Costa Pérez

This subproject seeks the automation of networks controlled by AI for the management of resource control, detection/analysis/action mechanisms against anomalous behavior and federated learning for high mobility scenarios.

This subproject is oriented towards the design and evaluation of an integrated sensing and communications (ISAC) system focused on sensing and communication performance trade-offs and channel models.

This subproject aims to integrate reconfigurable smart surfaces into the network infrastructure for communication, detection, location and computing tasks.




Senior 6G Research Engineer - Software Networks

El equipo de Software Networks está buscando un ingeniero de investigación en 6G sénior con experiencia comprobada en temas como 5G, 6G, SDN/NFV, Cloud/Edge para unirse a nuestro equipo.


    Jesús Alonso Zarate 📧

    Coordinador del programa

    Wilson Ramirez Almonte 📧

    Operational Programme Manager

    Flaminio Minerva 📧 Oficina de Contratación Pública José Miguel Sanjuan 📧 TBC